About Us

We All Create


Of Coffee

and people

What started as an affinity for coffee and coffee shop culture has grown into a love for sharing quality beverages with anyone and everyone. As a locally owned and operated business, Houndstooth seeks to weave an intimate and integral social pattern into the social fabric of the greater community.

Our Baristas

Being a barista isn’t simply a job… Barista is a title that must be earned and requires continual education. Trained by nationally recognized industry professionals and constantly staying abreast of current coffee trends or developments, our baristas commit to coffee and community. Each brings personal passion and added dimension to Houndstooth and your cup. Anyone can pour a beverage. Houndstooth baristas proudly craft them!

Why Houndstooth?

Scottish legend holds that Houndstooth was one of the first simple plaids. These plaids came to serve as regional identities for the people of Scotland. All were all Scotsman, but each took pride in their specific plaid.

Today coffee shops have become like regional identities for people. Houndstooth wants to be a part of your daily rhythm, or pattern. Whether your morning coffee, afternoon tea or end of the day relaxation, we hope you share it with us.

Our Products

Houndstooth serves only the finest coffee, tea, beer, wine and pastries. Local and national suppliers source sustainable products from the finest estates, farms, and provinces around the world.