Offsite cafe

"We love having him onsite weekly and he's taken the time to learn everyone's name, regular order, and details of their life."

- Kay Loftus, Everly Health

Office Cafes

It’s no surprise that recruiting your folks back to the office has been challenging. Everyone talks of perks and flexibility.  Over the last few years, we’ve seen the benefits of a different mentality – hospitality.   We’ve defined hospitality in various café spaces for more than twelve years now.  As times have changed, our approach has proven sustainable for not just in our cafés but for our clients as well.
The simple intersection of coffee and people can add life and vibrancy to your workplace.  We help your staff feel valued at work by creating an intentional environment. 

"Every recruiting visit started or ended in the café, and for current employees, it allowed us to provide a benefit that many valued in the hundreds or thousands of dollars."

- Andrew Allison, CEO Main Street Hub

Café Expertise

From design and buildout to staffing and quality control, we bring a decades’ worth of experience to making your workplace more engaging.
We work with your architect and contractor to streamline the design vision and optimize interactions from both behind and in front of the bar. Equipment packages and full service plans can be recommended and offered at the best cost to you with service plans.
Weekly coffee and supply delivery is seamlessly integrated into our operations so you don’t have to worry about it.  

"Their focus on delivering remarkable “customer moments” was a consistent and tangible reminder of what excellence in product and service delivery looks like."

- Andrew Allison

Energy & Culture

Our cafe activations can bring energy, cultural connection and interconnectivity to your environment.  We participate with your office as an intentional host and connection point for your staff.  

"The coffee is always delicious, and Houndstooth has been a dream to work with in terms of scheduling."

- Kay Loftus, Everly Health

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